Next gen web 3.0 defi project

Project Sulphur

“Sulphur is one of the key ingredients to bring forth alchemical gold.
Synergy and transmutation of base ingredients creating a higher value than any ingredient alone.”

Product 1: AQTIS
Automated Quant Trading Intelligent Software

Product 2: VAULT
#Stablecoin yield: 20% APY in USD, EUR, BTC or ETH

Product 3: SAAS/Licensing
Licensing and/or API activation for 3rd parties. Institutions. Retail

Product 4: API/Automated Exchange (CEX/DEX)
Real Yield App + 1-click AQTIS activation

Product 5: Bank-License +
Retail payment app
Banking services for crypto and non-crypto native users. Easy to use app.


Tokenomic Harmony

Optimized Marketcap/Liquidity ratio
Liquidity Efficient Dynamic Restructuring
Perpetual buy-backs and deflationary tokenomics


Product 1

Phase I

Intelligence Automation STATUS: Completed

Phase II

Execution Automation
STATUS: In progress

Phase III

Private Beta: Treasury

Phase IV

Private Beta: Open

Phase V

        AQTIS Launch